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Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Tale of Woe
   by Joe ...giggles
If you cam in on the blue present, you'll see a kitty.

     You may wonder why I am am frolicking naked in a field of pussy on Christmas; let me assure you, no good time was had by all. I am naked because the Lab has taken all my new inventory. Or shall I say "The servers have not loaded all my inv." I began to suspect a problem when I couldn't find the perma pet meeroos, but I do recall a wild night and someone talking about grilled meeroo on a stick the next morning... Anyhow, one of my little shoulder kittys went missing, then a couple christmas kittys and the kicker was a brand new christmas horse I was moving from parcel to parcel. Gone! -- I was like all right, the kittys can stay lost cause I'm saving on food, (I had over a dozen missing at this point) but I want my fing horse back--RIGHT?!
      So I read up on What to do when you spend 3800L on horses and immediately lose one and I see I need to go to the BETA grid and see what's up. Which I do...3000 pieces of stuff in limbo...I was like, shit...I had that many kittys missing!? That is bad pussy management..pffft. So I see the meeroos and figuring if I can try to put anything through the vortex of "servers" the meeroos and their freaking ORICLE and "regard" had earned them the trip-I log into Phoenix and (I normally run on Firestorm) come see my self in the BETA grid to pick up meeroos. I figure i'll past all my inv from self to self...WHAT?? Damn good plan! Alas, it was not to be. Nothing was there on the ground. So next plan-uninstall, reinstall-Firestorm, Phoenix, SL Viewer--clear cache, find hidden folders and DUH DUH naked in a field of pussy on Christmas ;-).    
I was naked for two days except for the purse. 
      My Inv is slowwly loading but never getting that full amount. I'm getting a few kittys back at at time, sick of course since they've been stuck in inv. Bastard Servers. Look what you did...
Michael - Christmas Angel Kittycat
     So that is when I realized I had to do some serious deleting or boxing up of inv. Weelll , actually what went down was this--I went to Lab support who replied I could go fuck myself since I am not a premium member. Wow, I think- 1/2 a sim, over 100 some odd live cats to feed, misc little other parcel and shop rentals..all this shows in my history, if the Lab doesn't see I spend a hell of lot more than 9.95 a month well they can take that rail car I watch driving past from my historical sim and stick it...well, pfft we know they don't care. Still I had great fun writing them a hate letter. And tearing down everything but the 1/2 sim on the lovely Magenta- you should come visit.
     Now I digressed from the inv bitch story. So when no one will fix it for you, you gotta tackle it. So I bought this:
Pussy not included!
     Spent, well maybe days trying to figure it out before I went whining to the creator,  Ainowena Dreamscape, whom bounced her pretty little bottom over and helped me. These closets are the absolute cutest and it's totally modifiable if you want to take parts away. It's simple to use once you figure it out actually. Say you box up like all your Halloween gowns- Then you would put the box in the inv of the gowns. My problem, not reading the directions ;-) The item label must be under 25 letters. Once explained that I was on my way to buy more stuff since I now had an organizer. Check that closet out here. Yea, it looks different, like I said modifiable!
     Ok, so let's shake the holiday thing off and get to buying kittens because, well you can't keep emm all.

I said kittens, NOW!!!

I want to go shopping for couches, already!

Watch what happens if you give me a Genesis Flame.

Oh by the way- My Christmas present to me. Right over my tub....Mmmmm.
Even SkellieCat Ruby would change her ways for him.            

     Dew found her own entertainment.   
DEW laying the rules down.

Buy kittens!! THE FIREHOUSE PROJECT- Josie and the Pussycats


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