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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Haunted Breedables Hunt

Look at all the great stuff I picked up in the Haunted Breedables Hunt...Oh wait, I didn't get any...what I did get was to pay 150L for a HUD for one of the absolute WORST hunts I have ever wasted a moment on. Dear hunt organizers, what the fuck were you thinking to allow merchants to hide a tini hunt prim ANYWHERE on their sim? Is this the new thing in hunts; getting ripped off on hunt hud and no longer having the decency to put an item within a reasonable distance from the landing point? My friend has spent days on this hunt and she found 8 items. She is currently growling in frustration. Why would merchants want hunters this upset and frustrated leaving their stores? I think I went through about 6 stores before I threw the hud out. I am disgusted and pretty pissed at the bullshit pulled by these merchants. I found 0 items, because obviously I suck and have no patience for bullshit. I did take note of the worst of the worst and you can be damn sure those breedables will never make their way on my properties. If this is the only hunt you want to do this Halloween then go waste your time, otherwise see you at the HUNTS R US sim on Halloween nite to egg these douchebags for allowing this bullshit. I hope the Vamps get them when they try this shit on the bloodlines hunt.

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