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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Must you annoy your customers?

Attacked by fairies  
     A Big WTF to this merchant for the two giant fairies you send to annoy your customers...Guess what? It worked, we left. The little fairies that follow you around are pretty annoying but two full size? Seriously, what were you thinking?

 Also, while I am in Bitch mode, I would like to apologize to the merchants who's stores I have to skip during hunts because the douche bag before you has hidden an item so tiny no one can find it and there are no LM to the next store and Second Life search is not finding you. And to the stores that do pull that shit, isn't the whole idea behind the hunts to bring customers in and back? I'll tell you what, I'll pull a LM, leave your item, and never come back. So go make 10 decoys, shove them in walls and other items so only people with area search will ever find them and I'll see you next time...oh wait, probably not cause your running off what could well be your future customers by being a douche BEFORE we buy. This also applies to store owners who post shitty little messages that greet me when I tp into your store that basically imply all hunters are cheaters. I won't even bother to look in your stores. Really, stop treating your hunters like shit. And join hunts with LM's listed so more can appreciate your talents.

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