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Monday, June 6, 2011

Bye-Bye Inworldz

  So, I decided to walked away from Inworldz. And I did I did it messy too, return all items to inventory style. Just logged in and wiped the sim clean.  I’m just kinda lonely there. I go to all the advertised events, I even attended a Tweet TV segment they recorded in Second Life. I join the forums and try to keep it funny, not cause drama. I met one other person who actually talked to me and received one bitching out for buying something and leaving the box behind. (opps, major crime, should not shop while on duty!)  I just don’t feel welcome. I think the bottom line here is that although they may look like they have a shit ton of new accounts they really only have about 200 players online at any given time. The community is small and tight-knit. I can stand in a group for hours and no one will say a word to me. Must be the wings. Good Luck guys, you can be creative all you like, but if you keep driving your customers away then what will pay for you to keep being creative? So, I’ll take my tier money and my shopping money right back to Second Life where a freak can be a freak! The tier is paid until June 21st 2011 if anyone is interested, by the way.

  My new Castle is also a lost cause; The sim owner is unable to keep the sim so I am waiting for her to tear it down before I move out. I’ve rented a little parcel in a bad neighborhood for the moment. (1875 prims for 2050 week) The Bregon Dragons are keeping watch though so all should be well.

  Speaking of the Bregons, I am really enjoying these buggers. They are easy to care for. I can take them into my inventory without any drama. They don’t die. Well they do die after they have reached their lifespan or you can get a special jewel to keep them forever or choose to receive a new egg. They just don’t die cause you packed them up wrong or didn’t feed them. Super simple.

  I am also doing Hunts in-between everything else.  If your bored and see me about, ask me if I’ve got any good hunts I wanna share. Most likely I do.

No Love from me this week, I'm pisssy!

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