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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bregon Dragon Invasion at The FireHouse Project

     So there I was, happily building in Inworldz and having Andilynne hold down the Villa in Second Life on the 1/2 sim I rent, when I finally had enough of policing my neighbors for my sim owner. The final straw came when after promising me there would be no horses allowed on the property, I found a ranch on a little parcel. Snapped is an understatement. I paid 2 weeks rent, then gave 2 weeks notice. I started land hunting and was truly surprised by the amount of sims that had horses. I was absofuckinglutely not renting on a sim that had horses. Not happening.

      In the mean time Inworldz is being ignored. Some issues on the forums have me regretting my pulling down the Second Life Villa. Two in particular are making me truly rethink keeping my sim there. One being a difference of opinion involving a partially naked sprite or some such creature and a mentor. The sprite was in the wrong. However, the mentor had their chat conversation and posted it on the forums for all to see. Yep, your in the right man but now your an asshole. Bad form, Sir, bad form.

The second, and damn near the deal breaker. I have my tier paid until the end of June. Hopefully I come to terms with this or they see that this may not be a good idea:

There is a Bloodlines type game starting up over there and there is a Hud thingy for the Vamps to be able to gather blood from bystanders who are not even aware of it. So basically if I’m there shopping (unknowingly already have been) they can take my blood if I am near enough to them. WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. Know we all know I some sort of Death Angel so it has nothing to do with Vamps, but everything to do with get the fuck out of my space. The for argument says: “You don’t even know its happening”, “Its no different from your viewers radar”,.....Yea, well I think that shit is unacceptable. The forums are lighting up on this topic and it is quite the heated debate. I hope my side wins.

Back in Second Life a sprawling Castle has been deemed the new Homestead. The builder of this totally awesome castle is Abel Dreamscape. Holy hell, talk about detail. I can’t find a flaw. The land is a controlled theme with these different castles so no worries about shitty neighbors tastes. But somewhere between looking for land and moving into the castle I found these:
      Yep,  I’m now my own worst nightmare and a hypocrite...”No Horses!” yea I can’t tell you how many dragons I have managed to collect in two weeks. I had to get a shop. There are really no two alike as the colors are random, you can’t breed colors into them. They roam, fly, attack and are ridable. I’m so hooked its pitiful. Anyway if you want to come see them in my shop (notice SEE, I can’t sell them yet, I don’t want to part with them) Its here: Quirico 32, 139, 1272 - The Firehouse Project. Join our group while you are there, SlFreenessHuntress because I am still hunting and calling lucky chairs for all that will come.
If you stop by and tell me you read about the store in this blog I may have a free kitten for you or fairy or something breedable for reading through my rants. <---- While supplies last, I'm a popular girl. Your not getting my dragons though.

Kisses and shit,

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