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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Avination- Repo'd

    Back in Avination, Kisses and I have logged in and out by now and I am still itching in my noob skin. I find a Demo skin and Demo hair and start walking around in them but Kisses tells me I am invisible except for my clothes and maybe my hair so back to the noob skin. While I am out and about in Avination I have experienced misc issues, attachments not attaching, clicking on myself and tping back to the store entrances, limited radar, no area search, no LOD settings and fucked up body animations. I also realized what Kisses was saying about the darkness of the viewer (Hey I shop in Gothy stores, they are always dark!) I messed with something or other to try to fix it but the best solution was from a full body light one of the shops had out as a (GASP) freebie. I also found a shop with reasonably priced skins and put them in my LM to hit back later if I could find nothing else. By this time I’ve lost Kisses to slumber and am exploring alone again. I am trying not to meet my new landlord wearing this hell awful noob skin and demo hair box on my head, but no way am I passing up that land deal. I begin searching for houses while getting frustrated that my search for skins and hair is going nowhere. My God the prices! I’m not paying them. Sorry. It’s like when there was that hellacious mess in NO after the hurricanes and all that price gouging was going on. Except here I have a choice and that choice was to make my own stuff. Now to learn how....
     Somewhere in between my search I receive an IM from my new landlord. By this point I have actually purchased more Coins via my pay-pal for rent and clothes and am ready to spend!
Her(?)message is in french and I must google translate. Whatever, just tell where to pay and how much you need. Not to be. Seems the land is really not for sale due to some issue with Avination and the owner has left the grid and the Sim is due to disappear at any time. Really? Then why the fucking hell is it in classified and who’s paying for it? She returned my purchase price and I was left homeless and a little pissy. I tried to find a new parcel as I shopped for a skin and hair but was rather unsuccessful as I am not setting up a home near a casino. I continued to get more and more frustrated as I couldn’t find many reasonably priced clothes to buy, not a skin or even hair.  I did go back to Glad Rags and buy a blessed pair of decent shoes for 50C. I found a hair somewhere for 10C but the piece of shit was not resizable and didn't fit my head. The item said exactly No Copy, transfer. I guess I assumed like most hair you can modify size. So fucking glad I did not spend 150C on another hair I saw there. It really was crap shit in a nasty color. The freebie dungeon in SL could do better in those packs of 2 zillion different hairs. I threw it at the shop wall in disgust and stormed out. I joined a shit ton of groups to score some group gifts. I guess the only real way Avination wants your money is through gambling. I also noticed that everything just looked cheap as in the builds and furniture. And my own avi. No detail that we are so used to in sculpted prims. And I did not find any of those amazingly creative sims that are in Second Life. I’m sure (hopefully) they are out there. I guess I’ll continue to explore. I am considering buying a sim and begging some of my favorite stores to offer a free and reduced product so we can bring some new blood into Avination. The clothing available is slut whore if your into that. The skins, while some are pretty, have no imagination and someone like Andilynne who so loves her Invision Skins with the designs on them, will be pretty disappointed in the selection. Make-up options such as lipstick eyeshadow ect was priced unreasonably too. Honestly merchants I really want to spread my money around a bit and paying these outrageous prices for something everybody has due to limited supply is just foolish. I really think I'll talk to some merchants who like to make money but actually have customers about joining me in a Sim. Or I'll just stick to building my empire in Second Life until Avination becomes a little more hospitable.

Me in Avination on my repo'd land doing some funky animation



  1. Love your post/blog here and you are on the mark as far as my experience goes. Avination wants to be a replacement for SL but they need to rethink their strategy (provided they even have one). Offering the same interface that SL does at inferior quality isn't going to cut it. Yeah they have gambling-big whoop-there are so few people at those places that I can't imagine that most casinos are going to last. There are a few decent builds actually but it's really sparse, and even though it's cheap to purchase land in avn no one (or very few) seem to want to build just for the creativity. Without something unique to offer avination ends up looking like a careless and even hopeless SL.

  2. Totally agree on the inworldz situation, and the "bitch clique" on the forum there just goes on and on.
    I wound up abandoning two sims there as I had enough, and I bought three in avination where they have worked perfectly and I have voice chat as well which IW doesn't.
    I might add theres no setup fee like IW charges and they dont sell "used" sims cheap with tier included like IW does- which totally undercuts everyone's sim resale values to the point where they have no value.
    Same week I walked away someone else I sort of know walked away from two sims he couldn't sell.

    I dont know what to tell you about avination, Ive had excellent results there and my sims run perfectly, I get zero lag on them. Avination is more builder and sim owning oriented than events/things to do, its all in what you expect to get out of a VW, if you need nightly social events, parties all the time, clubs, hundreds of selections of hair in each store and things of that sort, then only SL is likely to fill that. Smaller grids just are not meant to fill that sort of need and they are not so obsessed with money and sales, retail and stores like SL is just to cover that $295/mo tier for a sim!
    You can't beat a $60 full sim with voice, 15,000 prims and all that if you want to build things, export them to SL or something, and have freedom to play on your own sim- and not pay the equiv of a new car payment in tiers.


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