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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Avination~ the new Second Life?

     Kisses, KC, and myself go check out Avination’s website and we decide to open accounts. We ponder our last name pick, while giggling and coming up with funny name combinations. I see that we can link our SL name to our Avination account so I read up on that while Kisses is still trying to figure out her name choice. After a few unable to login screens, I’m the first one to enter this new grid, with Kisses close behind. KC never could log into the grid. It was weird being a noob all over. The viewer is slightly different then Phoenix and its capabilities seemed limited. Kisses couldn’t stand how dark everything was, even after we reset our enviro preferences. I was still trying like hell to figure out how to link my SL and Avination name via the Avination search which BLOWS!!!! I’m sorry did I mention the Avination search feature BLOWS? Fucking useless to quite honest, hope your not spending your Coins on that shit. So I opted to go in via the Roleplay area or something that was dark and isolated and had absolutely nothing about welcome to Avination. Kisses went in through the regular Welcome area but I tped her to me as I was stumbling around like a noob. We both were in identical noobie avis and I was asking her where the fuck she was when I tped her and she was standing next to me, I just thought it was myself since every time I cammed around the room I saw myself! We all had our SL viewers up still so we had voice chat going, thankfully. Didn’t realize til then how handy that is. Kisses had some RL obligation so I was left alone for a bit and I started to do what I do best, Hunt for freebies! Reality check number 1, freebies are not that welcome in Avination. No poorly made freebie outfits, basic AO’s or even a decent skin to be found. Fine. By now I’ve searched SL and found out where there is a cash machine thingy and this is where I head to change my name and get myself some cash. I am able to convert my Lindens to Coins. (or whatever the fuck they are called) I send 1000L into my Avination account and promptly have 833C in Josephine Piaggio (Aedipo) new account. What the shit I think, that's a bit of a loss. Did I miss some sort of a terminal fee, fuckers? I don’t know, but that sucked. So off I go with my 833C and Kisses is back. We explore a bit and find BITCH TAIL, thank hell. Bitch tail has luckies set up and we are able to score a change of clothes at least. Most stuff in their store is 98C so that looked promising as soon as we found some new skins and HAIR we would be shopping there. We were still foolish enough to think we would find all those mega freebie shops to get started. Never happened. We were able to put together something to wear thanks to Bitch Tail and GLAD RAGS, which actually had a few t-shirts, a skin, and a shape out. Thanks to both those stores for being probably the only 2 out there willing to help noobies out. The price on skins and clothes was absolutely ridicules. I’m not spending 1000L or more right off the bat on a skin. That's too much of a commitment for someone like me who likes to change up the skins a bit and likes to take their time checking out skins. However the nob skin was making me itch and KIsses flicker in and out of transparency so I knew I had to work on making a choice. I also needed new hair and shoes. Oh my hell the shoes. Boots actually that have a fucked up invisible prim so every single person wearing them has a heel showing. Fucktards. Kisses can take no more of the darkness of the grid and once again I am left to wander aimlessly, alone. What I really notice is the insane amount of gambling here. I guess its allowed where SL doesn't want it. The reason I notice this is because I start hunting for land and every damn parcel I go to either has gambling or, once the neighboring sim rezzes, they have them. I personally prefer to have my home on the sim and not in a skybox. So I continues my search until I stumbled onto a parcel that was cold and menacing with the land towering above the water level in great big spikes. It was perfect! The majority of the sim was actually under water, where the parcel I had bought was so high I had to bring it down a bit. I paid for the land and sent a note off to the new (French) Sim owner asking where to pay the rent as there was no box or where to pay info. But the price- 300C weekly for 4096m with 937 prims. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!! AWESOME!!!! This was a corner lot and I checked out the prices on neighboring parcels and they were 250C weekly so I began to plot how I would take over this sim....


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