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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skin Fair

 So after three days of trying to tp into the cluster fuck that is The Vanity Skin Fair, I was finally met with a successful tp.....right into the lag police. I was promptly ordered to strip down to 50 scripts. Not being able to give up my wings or my new P3 pin-up heels, I opted to run around naked as everything was already GREY and no one would be able to tell the difference anyway. OK, I’m was wings, heels, lipstick and a smile. Oh and that so pretty long curly hair from A&A.(Scripts deleted, of course.) It covered the boobies. So the fair was rather boring in all its grayness. I normally hit a sim running when I tp and hardly miss a beat rezzing but this was SUCK-O-VILLE. Most of the place never did rezz and I gave it plenty of the point of wandering off and going to the RL ladies room and coming back. Kind of a HUGE disappointment. Guess I could have quit being a Selfish Bitch and taken off my wings. Pfft... Hey, I took my AO off and walked! Talk about sacrifice. Scuffing up my shoes...Anyhow, from what I could make out I clicked, clicked, clicked and found a few goodies, but nothing that will make me give up my HEARTSICK skins. I really like the skins I scored during the holidays when Heartsick was offering them on daily specials. Andilynne has the hots for [InVision] skins, which tend to have artwork on the face and they really look great on her. Both these places really take extra good care of their group members, by the way.  So, being a Heartsick fan, I found this skin by Mynerva to be something I could live in, minus the demo writing all over it. There were some lipstick demos laying around the Mynerva store so I tried on the red with this pretty skin.....

     Yeppers, it sure is pretty. While I was battling the grayness, Andilynne and Kisses were busy hunting all of A&A hairs stores for Mardi Gras masks that contained hair, party hats, and wearable masks. They slapped a shit ton of MM boards along the way and are now tossing their pretty heads showing off the new hairs. One of A&A’s stores, I believe the one at Bikini Beach, is right near an amusement park and Kisses literally had a blast being blasted out of a canon. I told Andilynne to stop fucking off and post some pictures of the goodies but she just flipped me the finger and flew off. Freaking Brat. ~ Josephine

   Remember, if you head on over to the Skin Fair (till March 6th), GO NAKED! Here's a map if you can read it.

Skin Fair:
Skin by Mynerva, Melloyello Demo, Carmel

 I just absolutely SCORED!! I went to double check P3’s LM and lo and behold, there was a J on the lucky board and I won these sexy pin-up heels. SWEET!!! Lucky’s are upstairs and change every 10 minutes. Good Luck!

These are the ones I had on going into the Skin Fair...Go get you some!  P3 Shoes: p3

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