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Yeppers, another one. Why will this one be different? Because we are slightly naughty, a little morbid and love dark humor. We swear, fly, and will run you over to get to cake. We like nice stuff and love to shop. We spend lots of time hunting mania boards, lucky chairs, group gifties and freebies to be had across the grid. This blog reserves the right to blog about whatever we wish, the good, the bad and the exceptional. We do not need sponsors and although we appreciate your gifties, we will not show favoritism by taking items to review. We have to be able to share freebies with all our groupies. So join us in our hunting...
Join our in world group Josie and the Pussycats. Just starting.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013's getting cold out!


Kittycat dear says "Put the rabbit down! You should be cuddling me!!"

*DDWx* Rabbit skull plushie in Rare white.
Available at the Gacha Garden

FBD Gloves in Black with roses and Bangles from the red set
Available from the Gacha Garden

Well someone is not impressed with my skating skills
Crap…we woke something up!
Perfect spot after being on the ice.
Gacha Garden goodies available here

Polar Bears and little sea monster from +Half Deer+ and she needs to stop making such cute stuff!!

Ballet Skates from {ISIS}  for the Frozen Hunt- There are a shit ton of hunt items here from 0L-5L

Snowman dress from nMn for the Frozen Hunt-you get a fatback of dresses

Wings lamb rare from .aislings Gacha which may or may not be available in the store..but I may have an extra in my resell shop ;-)

Fireplace- Holiday Triple Hearth from dirty.little .secret. Was on sale at the jersey shore location

Horns- aasimar uncommom from Cerridwen's Cauldrons Gacha at the we love role play event. The Gacha is between the buldings

The Chinchilla Fur stole is from Graffiti Wear, which I believe I won from the lucky cupcake upstairs and then bought the same damn thing from an event :-)

Kittycat Dear has come out of hibernation for the season. Come by and visit him at  THE FIREHOUSE PROJECT. I am setting up the holiday store and restocking I Gotcha Gacha. re Items from Fantasy, Arcade, OMG and whatever else I've managed to find. Ignore the green horses.They are coming out of hibernation too!

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