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Yeppers, another one. Why will this one be different? Because we are slightly naughty, a little morbid and love dark humor. We swear, fly, and will run you over to get to cake. We like nice stuff and love to shop. We spend lots of time hunting mania boards, lucky chairs, group gifties and freebies to be had across the grid. This blog reserves the right to blog about whatever we wish, the good, the bad and the exceptional. We do not need sponsors and although we appreciate your gifties, we will not show favoritism by taking items to review. We have to be able to share freebies with all our groupies. So join us in our hunting...
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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Andrenalynn Rush, owner of Barely Legal gives the impression of a chick who will rip your arm off and beat you with it if you cross her, but underneath it all she is a big softy! She has put together these cool ass limited edition Lipstick Zebra Fly Tops- Released September 24th, you have 4 more days to grab these. 350L proceeds are going to a family to help them have a decent christmas. You get to look cool and have warm moist feelings for helping a family out. proceeds go to Eagles Nest foundation.Read about them here

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