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Yeppers, another one. Why will this one be different? Because we are slightly naughty, a little morbid and love dark humor. We swear, fly, and will run you over to get to cake. We like nice stuff and love to shop. We spend lots of time hunting mania boards, lucky chairs, group gifties and freebies to be had across the grid. This blog reserves the right to blog about whatever we wish, the good, the bad and the exceptional. We do not need sponsors and although we appreciate your gifties, we will not show favoritism by taking items to review. We have to be able to share freebies with all our groupies. So join us in our hunting...
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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fantasy Gacha Festival

Season of the Witch
    Ok, so I spent all of Josephine's Lindens at the Fantasy Gacha Festival. I now have a shit ton of little crowns, too many mint sacrifice crowns and a few too many horns by .aisling. Thank hell they are transfer so I can resell before she finds out. I'm still stuck with the arrows from when she shot me when I lost her favorite kittycat. I did score some rares on the horns including these from ! cd. These are the ultra rare from the Seasons of the Witch collection. I'm also wearing the winter arm bands and the spring dress from the same collection. Oh and I also scored the rare lady dragon from May's soul-have a few extra of the others.  Go... come back and trade with me!!

                    Ultra rare witches crown ;-)

What's a shopping trip without buying a new pet.This little booger is from the candy crunchers gacha
Have fun! Andilynne Fireguard contact me in world for trades or check out the shop to buy, I'm working on putting them out...soon ;-).

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