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Yeppers, another one. Why will this one be different? Because we are slightly naughty, a little morbid and love dark humor. We swear, fly, and will run you over to get to cake. We like nice stuff and love to shop. We spend lots of time hunting mania boards, lucky chairs, group gifties and freebies to be had across the grid. This blog reserves the right to blog about whatever we wish, the good, the bad and the exceptional. We do not need sponsors and although we appreciate your gifties, we will not show favoritism by taking items to review. We have to be able to share freebies with all our groupies. So join us in our hunting...
Join our in world group Josie and the Pussycats. Just starting.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I swear I'm going to stay home and decorate today

Decorating the place is a bit more fun with great gifties like these....

Pretty candles from Mirage

Garden sofa from Wetcat

Vase fountains from PDN

I took this freebie from the Summer Garden Arbor at BelStar

The goose is just like my real goose,always checking stuff out.
The swan is the freebie from Finishing Touches. You can see all the free stuff being offered at The Summer Garden Party at the Cookie Jars website as well as the store links-This is not a hunt. Most items clearly have a pathway leading to the item. Wear your Cookie Jar group tag to collect them.

Boozing it up Kittycats at the Boats and Bikinis Expo
What's in your pool?
If you did the Boats and Bikinis Hunt then you found these guys. If not GO!!

Prize for picks
You touch the bag and it unpacks the groceries ;-). Oh wait that's not the pick, there are actually
things inside but the bag is way cooler! Le Bistro

I'm really getting into the stuff from {Sickly Sweet} The cupboard and wall bag have color change
flowers and can be won in the lucky chairs or on the MM boards. I've won a few armchairs and a coffee
crate too. I have no idea where the orchid sprung up from.

Well my goose is chewing on my medical bag, I think she
wants our bed.

Be Safe,

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