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Yeppers, another one. Why will this one be different? Because we are slightly naughty, a little morbid and love dark humor. We swear, fly, and will run you over to get to cake. We like nice stuff and love to shop. We spend lots of time hunting mania boards, lucky chairs, group gifties and freebies to be had across the grid. This blog reserves the right to blog about whatever we wish, the good, the bad and the exceptional. We do not need sponsors and although we appreciate your gifties, we will not show favoritism by taking items to review. We have to be able to share freebies with all our groupies. So join us in our hunting...
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Friday, April 8, 2011


Is anyone missing us? Well we have been super busy. Here is a little recap:

First off there is me (Josephine) out exploring New Worlds. After Exploring Avination for a bit, I realized there was very little to keep my interest. After the land repo bit I really didn’t put much more effort into trying to find a place there. I couldn’t even find decent hair so building stuff would be a pure joke. Kisses lingered over there a bit longer because she likes those ZYNGO machines. (or whatever the hell they are) By this time I have discovered INWORLDZ. I’m liking it. So much that I bought a full sim already. I’ve been busy build, building, building. Kisses and her lovely sister April (KC) have joined me. I’m hoping Blackcat will be coming over soon. Andilynne has made a token appearance but I need her over in Second Life right now handling the hunting which she is doing a great job at. Every time I come home to the Villa, she has put out new stuff she has picked up in a hunt. She has a real nice greenhouse she just picked up, currently making me think my backyard is not big enough and freaking over my lowering prim limit. (A 24 prim PLANT??? Not acceptable!!!) Oh well she is kicking some hunt ass though. Anyhow back to Inworldz-
So when arriving there rumor has it there are people to greet you. I don’t recall that as I kept crashing having to use the damning Imp Viewer. (<<<<<<I loath YOU) They have
nice freebie stores, separate, for men and woman, as well as a separate store for houses, landscaping and script stuff. All with good quality stuff. I’m not 100 % sure but I believe some of the creators have left Inworldz and the stuff just ends up there. Of course there are merchants that contribute freebies too. Well I found some rather cool free wings and horns made by XOPH. Very Demoness but I couldn’t care as Material Squirrel is not here and therefore, not gonna get my cool wings here. Someone called me a sister fairy though. Almost as bad as saying “Ahhh, the cake is all gone.” Just kinda hurts in the gut, you know. I also do not have my Angel\Demoness\Succubus AO so I have to.....WALK. Yea, WALK. Freaking BLOW ME! No really good AO’s available, but there is a decent mix of stores. EMO-tions, Deviant  Designs, and Evie’s Closet being my main stores. I love Deviant’s shoes but those damning skin color changing HUD’s are beyond me. I pick all the shoes with no Hud. Takes me less time to build a house then change my skin color. Not knocking Deviant as those are some HOT shoes that lady makes without the mega nasty price tag like SM (you know the high lag freebie shoes everyone MUST have then can’t ever afford another pair of) Ok, I digress,
money is 500 l’z to the dollar. You can also find a terminal to transfer your Lindens,(Eclipsex) I transferred 1000 and received 1850 to my Inworldz account. Still not sure how I wasn’t charged a terminal fee and still ended up light on the transfer amount but hey, lesson learned. I have a few issues that are driving me crazy, which I think may be viewer related. The first being that my AO loads last so I stumble along like a noob til it loads. (yes I have it loaded directly to the viewer due to the AO not working in many areas due to no allowed scripts. I also have to put my tattoo layer(makeup) and alpha layer(shoes) on with each log in. The most annoying of all is the inability to set a sky and water setting for my sim. Each log in it’s back to default. By the time I go through these things and redo everything I forget what I logged in for. But, I have to say, I’ve been more creative here than I ever am in Second Life. I’m building, scripting, twisting prims and socializing. Uploading is FREE. Yes FREE! So I load all kind of textures and experiment even if in the end I do go buy stuff, at least the option to upload (for FREE!) is well worth it. There are even some hunts though the last one I did had about 25 stops. This truly cracks me up as Andilynne, Kisses, KC and myself can blow out a 100 plus hunt in very little time. And go on to the next. Still the real fun is finding those new stores. The search feature in the viewers is not worth a shit and many things are not as advanced as SL but there is an attraction to being part of a newer grid that has so much more options for creators with out all the porn and gambling. Kinda like a community really. If you decide to check out INWORLDZ stop by The Firehouse Project, Bastard Island. Someone may be around to take you shopping and get you out of that newbie get-up.


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